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Celebrities Celebrate The Fourth Of July On Twitter & Instagram Take A Look!

After rumblings indicated that Taylor Swift was gearing up for one of her star studded Fourth Of July bashes, we couldn’t have been more excited when the holiday FINALLY arrived. We mean, there is nothing A-listers loved more than an excuse to throw lavish ragers. You know, we’re not wrong. In

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Guess The Celebrity Chillin’ With John Stamos Back In The ’90s!

Before we get to the hints, can we all just take a moment to bask in the hotness that is John Stamos?? *Deep breath* Okay, now that we’re done with that – can you guess this lil cutie posing with the Full House star back in the ’90s?? This now-27-year-old had a close connection with the classic

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Guess The Celebrity With The Perfectly Toned Abs!

Looking good! This alumnus of The O.C. is looking spectacular these days, and can’t stop showing off her fit bod. Even when it’s kind of inappropriate and she gets called out for it. Good thing she’s learned the errors of her ways and won’t be posting bikini pics to support #blacklivesmatter in

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